Imagination is our power

1. Using excessive graphics:

Most amateur website designers commit the mistake of incorporating too many eye-attracting graphics. If you pt GIFs, loud wallpapers and bright photos, all at the same time, the readers will very easily get distracted from the information in your website. Thus, excessive usage of banner ads and photos alienate a visitor from your website.

2. Cluttered links and information:

The visitors t o your website will mostly expect easy access to your website. If you use too many links, big navigation bars, a number of tabs and sub tabs, you will needlessly wear out the visitor. A large number of dropdown menus opening up on more, will surely bore your reader.

3. Too much of advertising:

Another mistake made by new website designers is that they tend to put in too many ads and pop-ups for the purpose of revenue. But it is often seen that when glaring advertisements makes the content of your website vague, it hurts the user’s experience.

4. Putting too much information:

Most first time web designers make this mistake of putting too much of information together. They think that more information will attract more consumers. But the fact is that providing more information that what is needed can have an adverse effect on your website.

5. Putting complicated URLs:

There is a habit by most web designers to put complicated URLs in the page. This also has a negative impact on the readers as almost all of them look out for something simple on the web. If you want to gather more information on how you can increase the visibility of your website, you can consult SEO consulting services.

6. Putting PDF files for reading:

Most users hate coming across PDF files as it is very time consuming downloading them and reading them. It is also very hard to navigate, thus it is best if a first time web designer does not upload any PDF files for reference in the website.

If you’re designing your website for the first time and you have no knowledge on internet marketing, seek the help of SEO consulting services to get better results. Try to avoid the mistakes mentioned above so that you outshine as a website designer.


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