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Many website owners concentrate on one or two aspects of Internet marketing and then leave the rest to chance. Unfortunately, there’s much more to marketing than what first meets the eye. A website should be treated the same as a brick-and-mortar store when it comes to promotions. If you were to open a shop locally, you wouldn’t put an ad in the newspaper and then neglect all other promotion efforts (sponsorship events, joint ventures, mailings, coupons, referrals, etc.). So why do this with your online business? Let’s study some ways to build a complete Internet marketing strategy that will skyrocket your business.

Sales Presentation

Make sure your site’s presentation is written to convert visitors to buyers. Don’t assume people will buy just because they visit your site. You must use Internet marketing sales techniques to convert them to buyers. Make ordering easy, with special offers they can’t refuse. Keep your copy clean and concise, and write on a white or very light-colored background for easy reading. Check to be sure your navigation system flows well, with no broken links or dead-end areas.

SEO Marketing

Use targeted keywords throughout your site pages, in outgoing and inbound text links, and in any written articles about your site. Then promote your site via the search engines (paid and free) as well as article directories, link directories, etc. Research to find keywords that are popular in the online searches, but low in competition for search results.

Opt-In Email Marketing

Build an opt-in list of subscribers that are interested in your website or products. You’ll be able to mail out an e-zine or an update email regularly and increase chances for sales. Many potential buyers will only make a purchase after they get to know you. Sending a free newsletter by email is the perfect way to build trust with visitors and to remind them of your site and what you have to offer. *Warning: Never use spam mail; send opt-in only to avoid being banned by your Internet service provider.

Link Building

Build links to and from well known sites and authoritative sites such as .edu and .gov websites. These will boost your search engine traffic and positioning while providing inbound traffic to your site. Don’t forget to target these sites carefully and make sure they are related to your theme. You can also build links from blogs, forums, article submission sites, social sites, etc.

Meet the Press

Be sure to write press releases about your new website and any time you can make an announcement-new products being added, new service, new website design, etc. Press releases provide a powerful way to get exposure. And when your release is published online, it will continue to get traffic while being linked back to your site.

Socialize and Blog

“Socialize” doesn’t mean to attend the next party you’re invited to, but it does mean to become familiar with all the social sites and blogs. DIGG, Delicious, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn and other social sites can help boost your traffic and build a professional reputation if you use them wisely. You can also create your own blog and invite others to post.

Off-Line Promotions

Don’t assume you’re off the hook with off-line promotions. Off-line venues can be used to drive traffic to your site. Include your website address on all printed invoices, envelopes, business checks, etc. Mail out sales letters and fliers to targeted lists periodically. Place newspaper classifieds with your website address and a simple special offer. Buy a car magnet with your Web address clearly printed in large lettering. Hand out and mail coupons to potential buyers.

Just one of these Internet marketing methods alone might not bring much response, but working all these areas together can result in amazing traffic and sales. Don’t neglect any of these areas if you want long-term success.


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