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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which in essence refers to the techniques used to maximize the probability that a website will be found online. An essential element of SEO is article writing. Original, effective and useful content is the lifeline of any website, since this is how they get found online. It is therefore essential to the success of a website that quality content is posted on it. Moreover, it is essential that certain techniques are implemented in order to accelerate the ‘traffic pull’ ability of these articles. This article will provide a walk-through of the fundamental method of writing appropriate and effective SEO articles.


The fundamental element of SEO article writing is keywords. Internet surfers type these words or phrases into search engines and are redirected to corresponding articles containing those relevant words or phrases. This article, for instance is chiefly concerned with SEO writing. It contains keywords and phrases such as “SEO Articles” and “SEO Content”. These are examples of the phrases surfers may type into a search engine to find this article and thus the corresponding website of its location.

To ably take advantage of keywords however, it must be understood that each web surfer searches differently. To find the content in this article for example, a surfer may type keywords which are entirely different from those which are anticipated. This problem is capably solved by the use of keyword tools. There are many such tools available such as the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Overture. These tools generate alternate words/phrases and rank them by popularity, competition, etc. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool, for example, generates alternatives such as “SEO Keywords”, “Web Content” and “Website Content”. To maximize on this, the article must be kept succinct and centered on relevant alternatives. It should be noted however, that each of these tools uses its own unique terms. As a general rule however, keywords that are popular and attract low competition are the best choices.


Keyword density refers to the number of times a keyword is used in an article compared to the total number of words in the article. It is true that it is important that keywords are adequately repeated. On the other hand however, they should not ‘saturate’ the article. Articles laden purely with keywords and not quality content are written solely for the purpose of driving traffic to a website. This does not represent true SEO writing and should be avoided at all costs. This means that the keyword density should be somewhere around 4%.


It is extremely important that SEO articles are kept simple and follow a particular format that is coherent and easily understood. The normal and recommended format is: Introduction (one paragraph) Body (two to four paragraphs) Conclusion (one paragraph)

These elements should be easily identifiable and coherent. Furthermore, the normal word count for SEO artless is 300-600 words. If the article is shorter, the point may not be effectively conveyed. If it is longer also, there is the risk of boring the reader. If the aforementioned techniques are implemented when writing articles for the web, it is easily assured that the ‘traffic-pull’ ability of any article will drastically increase. As such, the corresponding website will have a much greater chance of being found on the web.


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