Imagination is our power

  1. Keep up with serious science geek Stephen Hawking (@StephenHawking).
  2. Stan Lee (@therealstanlee). The legend.
  3. Neal deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) the astrophysicist, author of The Pluto Files, NOVA scienceNOW host, and Director of the Hayden Planetarium.
  4. Jake von Slatt (@vonslatt) is the proprietor of The Steampunk Workshop. He was featured in our TechRepublic gallery, Steampunk: A way of life for some designers.
  5. Jeff Potter (@cookingforgeeks) is the author of Cooking for Geeks.
  6. Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) is a comic and actor who is also a self-professed geek. The title of his book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland kind of gives that away.
  7. John Graham-Cumming (@jgrahamc), author of The Geek Atlas.
  8. Gabe (@cwgabriel) from Penny Arcade tweets geek on a regular basis.
  9. Jane McGonigal (@avantgame) is a game designer whom we featured in the TechRepublic blog Building a best-case scenario future through video gaming.
  10. The CERN feed (@cern) has the latest updates about the LHC.
  11. Know what the heavens have in store by following NASA (@NASA).
  12. Douglas H. Wheelock (@Astro_Wheels) is a NASA astronaut.
  13. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (@AsteroidWatch) tweets about the things whirling through space.
  14. NPR’s Wait Wait,.. Don’t Tell Me! host Peter Sagal (@petersagal) is one hilarious geek guy.
  15. John Moe (@johnmoe) of NPR’s Marketplace Tech Report tweets.
  16. Science Friday (@scifri) tweets for science geeks.
  17. Think Geek (@thinkgeek) has an interesting feed.
  18. Official_PAX (@Official_PAX) is a good feed to follow if you want to be sure you get PAX badges before they sell out.
  19. Maker Faire NC (@makerfaireNC) focuses on the upcoming NC Maker Faire, but frequently offers interesting links to science geekiness.
  20. Hacker News YC (@HackerNewsYC) offers lots of links and other information of geek interest.
  21. Check out Geek Girl Camp (@GeekGirlCamp) for some geek girlness.
  22. Sweet on Geeks (@SweetonGeeks) helps geeks get some “wookie nookie”.
  23. Jeri Ryan (@JeriLRyan) from Star Trek is still a geek favorite.
  24. Seth Green (@sethgreen) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy fame.
  25. Wil Wheaton (@wilw) – Don’t call him Wesley Crusher, because he’s so much more awesome than that.
  26. Felicia Day (@feliciaday) – Vi from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Creator of The Guild. Gaming goddess. She is also now on a six-part web series for Dragon Age (@dragonage).
  27. Scott Kurtz (@pvponline) – Writer/artist of the Web comic PvP.
  28. Tobias Buckell (@tobiasbuckell) – Caribbean-born sci-fi writer exiled to Ohio.
  29. Mary Robinette Kowal (@MaryRobinette) – Puppeteer, voice-actress, and sci-fi writer.
  30. Warren Ellis (@warrenellis) – Profane and ingenious writer of comics, books, TV, and video games.
  31. Phil Plait (@BadAstronomer) – Evangelizing astronomer, educator, and movie science geek.
  32. LeVar Burton (@levarburton) – Actor/educator of Reading Rainbow, Roots, ST: TNG. Technophile.
  33. Jon Favreau (@jon_favreau) – Comedic actor. Director of Elf, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and now Cowboys & Aliens.
  34. Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) – Sublimely funny British actor, author, and comic.
  35. Agent M (@Agent_M) – Insider blogger for Marvel Comics.
  36. Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) – Musician, comic, actor, and Attack of the Show dude.
  37. FragDolls (@FragDolls) – Hot babes who play video games for a living.
  38. John Cleese (@JohnCleese) – Monty Pythonite and so much more.
  39. John Scalzi (@scalzi) – Snarktacular science-fiction writer and blogger.
  40. Valerie D’Orazio (@ohsuperheroine) – Writer/blogger/activist for women in comics.
  41. Lore Sjöberg (@loresjoberg) – Wired magazine’s animator/artist/comic-in-residence.
  42. John Hodgman (@hodgman) – Deadpan nerd-comic, actor, and Daily Show correspondent.
  43. Greg Grunberg (@greggrunberg) – Web fanatic who plays Parkman on Heroes.
  44. Brent Spiner (@BrentSpiner) – Faux-curmudgeon comic who once played Data on ST:TNG.
  45. Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) – Writer of fantasy comics and prose that get made into major movies.
  46. Penn Jillette (@pennjillette) – The vocal half of comic/magic/activist duo Penn & Teller.
  47. David Hewlett (@dhewlett) – More than just the guy who played Rodney McKay on Stargate: Atlantis.
  48. Martin Sargent (@martinsargent) – Manchild super-nerd from various tech TV shows.
  49. Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) – The hottie actress and former cohost of Attack of the Show.
  50. Scott Beale (@laughingsquid) – Geek-blogger supreme from
  51. Major Nelson (@majornelson) – Yes, Xbox fanboys, that Major Nelson.
  52. Brea Grant (@breagrant) – Music-lover, actress, and geek known as Daphne from Heroes.
  53. Jeph Jacques (@jephjacques) – Writer/artist behind the Web comic Questionable Content.
  54. Cory Doctorow (@doctorow) – Co-founder of BoingBoing, copyfighter, sci-fi writer, etc.
  55. Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo) – Gaming blogger and employee at Infinity Ward.
  56. Eddie Izzard (@eddieizzard) – Crossdressing super-nerd British comedian.
  57. Amber Benson (@amber_benson) – Tara from Buffy turned writer/actress/geek.
  58. John Joseph Adams (@johnjosephadams) – Leading editor and reviewer of sci-fi and fantasy.
  59. Cherie Priest (@cmpriest) – Southern gothic fantasy/horror author exiled to Seattle.
  60. Lar deSouza (@lartist) – Artist for Web comics Looking For Group and Least I Could Do.
  61. MC Frontalot (@mc_frontalot) – Nerdcore rap star.
  62. John Denardo (@sfsignal) – Blogger-in-chief at
  63. David Willis (@Shortpacked) – Writer/artist for the toy-collector Web comic Shortpacked.
  64. R. Stevens (@rstevens) – Writer/artist for the pixelated hipster-geek comic Diesel Sweeties.
  65. Dave Zatz (@davezatz) – Consumer technology reviewer and insider.
  66. Jonathan Coulton (@jonathancoulton) – Nerd-pop recording artist.
  67. Rich Johnston (@richjohnston) – Comic book industry’s most notorious rumor-monger.
  68. Brian Michael Bendis (@BRIANMBENDIS) – Writer of comic books, notably Ultimate Spider-man.
  69. Jay Lake (@jay_lake) – Writer/editor/blogger of science fiction books.
  70. Rob Corddry (@robcorddry) – Ascerbic nerd comic and actor.
  71. Kevin Smith (@ThatKevinSmith) – Geekish writer/director/actor who gave us Clerks and Dogma.
  72. Paul and Storm (@paulandstorm) – Comedic musician duo with a nerdy flair who participate in w00tstock.
  73. Bill Amend (@billamend) – Creator of the comic strip Foxtrot.
  74. Charlie Jane Anders (@charliejane) – Sci-fi blogger, author, and magazine editor.
  75. Kevin J. Anderson (@TheKJA) – Sci-fi author famous for Dune and Star Wars tie-ins.
  76. Elizabeth Bear (@matociquala) – Accomplished writer of sci-fi/fantasy short stories.
  77. Jamais Cascio (@cascio) – Highly respected futurist and techno-cultural commentator.
  78. Bill Corbett (@BillCorbett) – The voice and mind behind Crow T. Robot from MST3K.
  79. Danielle Corsetto (@dcorsetto) – Writer/artist of the Web comic Girls With Slingshots.
  80. Andy Diggle (@andydiggle) – British writer/editor of comic books.
  81. Chris Eliopoulos (@chriseliopoulos) – Creator of the Web comic Misery Loves Sherman.
  82. Matt Fraction (@mattfraction) – Indie comic book creator gone mainstream.
  83. Irene Gallo (@IreneGallo) – Art Director for Tor.
  84. Meredith Gran (@granulac) – Writer/artist for the Web comic Octopus Pie.
  85. Jonathan Hickman (@JHickman) – Mindbending indie comics creator.
  86. Grant Imahara (@grantimahara) – Grant from MythBusters.
  87. Paul Levinson (@PaulLev) – Communications researcher, professor, and sci-fi novelist.
  88. Robert “Bobby Lew” Llewelyn (@bobbyllew) – Kryten from Red Dwarf.
  89. Rich Lovatt (@richl1) – Comics blogger and creator of the Web comic Mecha-Simian.
  90. Kevin Murphy (@kwmurphy) – Human voice/writer behind Tom Servo from MST3K.
  91. Theresa Nielsen Hayden (@tnielsenhayden) – Sci-fi editor and comments admin for BoingBoing.
  92. Patrick Nielsen Hayden (@pnh) – Senior Editor at Tor.
  93. Chris Pramas (@Pramas) – The man at Green Ronin Games.
  94. Terry Pratchett (@terryandrob) – Yes, boys and girls, that Terry Pratchett.
  95. Joe Quesada (@JoeQuesada) – Chief Creative Officer at Marvel Comics.
  96. Michael A. Stackpole (@MikeStackpole) – Sci-fi novelist known for his Star Wars and Battletech tie-ins.
  97. Kris Straub (@krisstraub) – Writer and artist of the Web comics Starslip and chainsawsuit.
  98. Ben Templesmith (@Templesmith) – Stylish and profane artist for various horror/noir comics.
  99. Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson) – Dwight from The Office, only moreso, ’cause he’s real.

100. Weird Al Yankovic (@alyankovic) – Dude, seriously, you don’t know Weird Al?


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